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21. If I have got the acceptance letter from a professor or a supervisor of SDU, does that mean that I have already got the scholarship?

No. Even if you got the acceptance letter, it dose not mean that you got the scholarship. The final result is subject to Admission Notice issued by International Admissions Office of SDU.

22. How can I get the result of the admission?

SDU will send emails to the applicants who successfully get the scholarship before the end of June. Also, we need the applicants to confirm the mailing addresses to make sure the documents can get to you. Please check the email in time. Meanwhile, the admission list will be posted on . International Admissions Office of SDU will send documents including Admission Notice, Jw201 form and so on to all the applicants who successfully got the scholarship at the beginning of July.

23. Why I have be admitted by the program and school which are different from the ones I applied for?

Admission Office will make adjustments to the schools and programs that the students apply for based on the educational and academic background, comprehensive quality, opinions of related schools of different applicants. Please refer to the Admission Notice for the final result.

24. Chinese Language Courses-How to apply for Chinese language study?

You are suggested to submit application materials online. Click on the website,and submit your personal information as required.

25. Chinese Language Courses-How to check the admission results?

Whether applicants apply online or via email, the teacher in charge of admission will generally send the results of the review within two weeks, please pay attention to your mail after application.

26. Chinese Language Courses-When can applicants receive admission materials?

First, please send the remittance bill of registration fee to this e-mail: After we confirm that we have received remittances, we will prepare and post admission materials at the end of the semester. And we will send the tracking number via e-mail to applicants (including Admission Notice and Visa Application Form).

27. Chinese Language Courses-Application Time

Fall Semester:March 1 to the end of June Spring Semester: October 15 to early January of the following yea

28. Chinese Language Courses-School Term:(subject to school calendars of the specific year)

Fall Semester: Usually from early September to January of the following year Spring Semester: Usually from February to early Jul

29. Chinese Language Courses-Application materials

If you will graduate this year and have not got the graduation certificate, please ask the related department such as Academic Department or Postgraduate School of your school to issue a Pre-Graduation Letter or School Attendance Certificate. If the graduation certificate and transcript issued in your school is neither in Chinese nor in English, Please translate the documents into Chinese or English and have them notarized or stamped.

30. Chinese Language Courses-Can I apply for Chinese Language Courses if I am younger than 18 years old?

You need a guardian in China to be responsible for you. Chinese friends or relatives in China is alright. If there are someone can be your guardian, you can apply the Chinese language Courses at Shandong University.
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