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1. How to choose the intended major

For Detail: /en/?c=content&a=list&catid=78

2. Application

1) If you apply for the Chinese government scholarships, please enter the site and apply for the scholarship by reference to the application instructions within the time limits. After application, please re-apply on, or you will not be admitted.

2) If you want a pre-admission letter please see:How to get the pre-sdmission letter.pdf

3)If you apply for other scholarships, please enter the site for application. For online registration, please refer to the online application instructions for international students.

3. Evaluation

1) Applications for Chinese government scholarships will be evaluated by CSC and SDU.

2) Applications from self-paying students will be evaluated by SDU.

4. Admittance

Accepted international students will receive the admission notice of SDU and Form JW201 (for scholarship students) or Form JW202 (for self-paying students). The documents are usually paper materials. Please prepare the materials as requested in the admission notice and go through the visa formalities.

5. Registration

Accepted international students shall register in SDU within the time limits with the admission notice of SDU, Form JW201 (for scholarship students) or Form JW202 (for self-paying students) and other relevant materials.

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