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Chinese Language Courses

The College of International Education of Shandong University is a comprehensive international education institution boasting celebrated professors, experts and scholars. It delivers the best possible education for international students learning the Chinese language and culture. Aiming at enhancing mutual understanding between China and the world, we sincerely welcome international students who have great interest in the Chinese language and culture to further their study here.

Courses setting

For the Chinese language training program, a Chinese proficiency test is arranged at the beginning of the term. According to the test results, students will be divided into seven levels, which belong to the primary, the intermediate and the advanced grade respectively. Teaching will be conducted in small classes of 20 or less. The courses consist of major courses and elective courses. The major courses will be 20-22 hours each week. The levels of classed and the courses setting are shown in the following charts:

●Class Level

Primary,  Intermediate,  Advanced

●Courses Setting

Chinese Courses Setting for Long-term Language Training Students

Course   category


Content (Chinese)

Academic   Hour/week

Required Courses


Intensive Reading


Listening and Speaking


Primary2 Intermediate1

Intensive   Reading


Spoken   Language




Intermediate2 Intermediate3

Intensive   Reading


Spoken   Language




Reading   and Writing



Intensive Reading


Video-aural-oral   Course


Reading and Writing







Video-aural-oral   Course


Reading and Writing


Culture Experience


Elective Courses


Pronunciation   Course and HSK Counseling


Culture Experience

Shown in the following chart

Culture experience Courses Setting

Experience   Form


Application   Form


Open course

Learn Chinese Characters & Calligraphy

Peking Opera and Aesthetics

The Chinese tea culture

Chinese creative Paper-cutting

Tai Chi

Quota Registration

Chinese Culture Experience Hall

Panoramic experience activities

Participate in activities in   integrated culture experience museum

Register   by taking class as a unit

Chinese Culture Experience Hall

Walking to Chinese Real Life

Join in the Chinese real life and be a member of the   group

Quota Registration

Off campus Experience Centers

Application Requirements

Foreigners who are over 18 years of age, graduated from high school and above, well-behaved, in good health and willing to abide by relevant Chinese laws, regulations and school rules.  
Language Requirements

No Chinese language requirements.
Application Procedures and Materials
in any of the following three forms

1. Submit the application materials online. Click on the website,and submit your personal information as required.

    2. Submit the electronic application materials to

  • The application form should be in Word format; photos and scanned copy are not acceptable;

  • The certificate of highest academic degree or the proof of university study should be the scanned copy of the original documents. The language must be Chinese or English;

  •  The scanned copy of passport. The passport must be an ordinary passport within the validity period;

  •  Curriculum Vitae in Word format;

  •  Students who apply for study more than six months are required to submit a valid Physical Examination Record within six months;scanned copy is acceptable;

     3. Submit the application materials in person or by post.

Application Time

Fall Semester:March 1 to the end of June

Spring Semester: October 15 to early January of the following year

Admission procedures

  1. Shandong University will select and recruit students according to their merits after receiving the application materials. The qualified students will get the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (applicable to those who apply for a visa valid for more than six months). If not admitted, the applicant will be informed via email.

  2. The qualified students should apply for X-Visa (Study Visa) in Chinese embassies, taking with the ordinary passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form and other necessary materials in visa processing. As to details of visa application, please refer to the Admission Guide enclosed with the Admission Notice.

  3. The qualified students should take Admission Notice and other materials to College of International Education of Shandong University for registration within the required time.

    School Term(subject to school calendars of the specific year)

    Fall Semester: Usually from early September to January of the following year

    Spring Semester:  Usually from February to early July

    Tuition and Fees(Chinese yuan)

    Application fee :400/person

    Tuition :18000/year      9000/semester

    Medical Insurance :800/year    400/semester

According to regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, international students studying in China must purchase medical insurance prescribed by China's colleges and universities. The insurance can be purchased in the registration office on the day of registering. Without the medical insurance, neither registration nor the residence permit will be granted.

Accommodation and Catering

Shandong University provides international students with apartments of different standards. For relevant information about ways for application and fees, please refer to the Newcomers’ Guide. The school will provide campus cards (recharged by yourself), which can be used in the dining halls and the supermarkets on campus.

Contact us:

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