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“Pottery and 3D Printing” International Summer Program

Program Name

“Pottery and 3D Printing” International Summer Program

Brief Introduction

The program has two parts, pottery and 3D printing training. The pottery part is composed of eight lectures, with each taking two hours. The objective is to help students create simple works on a pottery drawing machine and finally obtain daily-use ceramic works through grinding, molding, glazing and firing. Similar to the pottery part, 3D printing will also be divided into eight lectures, with each taking two hours. The aim of the course is to help students grasp the use of 3D modelling software, design a simple 3D model and print out personal works. The course emphasizes the combination of theory and practice which provides students opportunities to present their creativity. In order to deepen foreign students’ understanding of Chinese history and culture, they will be provided famous Chinese porcelain art to enjoy. At the end, a visit of the Ming and Qing dynasty porcelain exhibition at Qingdao Museum will be arranged.


From 20 July 2020 to 28 July 2020


Qingdao Campus, Shandong University , Qingdao, China




Pottery making and Chinese porcelain art, 3D modeling and 3D printing


Considering the cross-disciplinary essence of the program, professors with a solid technological background will give lectures.


20 July            Registration

20 to 27 July   Lectures and practical

28 July            Pottery Tour at Qingdao Museum

28 July            Graduation


Students currently enrolled in a college/university with at least one semester of attendance are eligible to apply.


Registration fee: 400 RMB (Appx. USD 58)

Tuition fee: 7,000 RMB (Appx. USD 1,000)

Accommodation: 1,400 RMB (Appx. USD 200)

Course materials and student card: 200 RMB (Appx. USD 30)

Free pick-up will be arranged at Qingdao Liuting Airport (青岛流亭机场) and Qingdao North Railway Station (青岛北站).


Two academic credits will be conferred after you pass the examinations. Students who wish to transfer program credits are advised to consult with the relevant staff at their home institution before the program starts.

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