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“Disaster Prevention and Control for Urban Underground Space Development” International Summer School

Program Name

“Disaster Prevention and Control for Urban Underground Space Development” International Summer School

Brief Introduction

The one-week summer school is aimed at providing participants deeper understanding about the disaster prevention and control of the urban underground space development. Field trips of urban underground space construction sites will also be arranged.


From August 17 -21, 2020


Qianfoshan Campus, Shandong University , Jinan, China




An introduction of common disasters occurring during underground space development;

Systematic and efficient disaster risk assessment;

Typical cases of disaster prevention and control;

Design and planning of underground space development;

Management and Maintenance of underground space development;


Considering the cross-disciplinary nature of this program, lecturers have different backgrounds.

Raymond Sterling, Honorary Professor of Louisiana Polytechnic University, USA; Past Chairman of the International Society for Trenchless Technology; Past President of the Associated Research Centers for Urban Underground Space (ACUUS); Past Vice Chair of ITACUS; Past Chairman of the U.S. National Committee on Tunneling Technology; Former Editor-in-Chief of Tunneling and Underground Space Technology;

Jacques Besner, Visiting Prof. of University of Montreal, co-founder of ACUUS, Canada;

Eduardo de Mulder, Geo-scientist and emeritus Professor at Delft Technical University, Netherlands; Past President of the IUGS; Initiator of the IUGS-IAEG-IAH Working Group on Urban Geology; Initiator and Executive Director of the UN proclaimed International Year of Planet Earth (2008);

Prof. Zhenhao XU, doctor supervisor; Deputy director of Urban Underground Space Engineering Department; Chairman of ACUUS YG (Asia); Qilu Young Scholar, Outstanding Talents System of Shandong University, China;

Dr. Tanvi Arora, Secretary General of YES-Network, India;

Dr. Amy LI, deputy manager of ACUUS, Secretariat, Montreal, Canada;


August 17           Opening Ceremony

August 18-20    Courses and Lectures

August 21           Closing Ceremony 


Students currently enrolled in a college / university with at least one semester of attendance are eligible to apply.


Courses are free

Registration and Course Materials:50RMB

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XU Zhenhao

DONG Xiaoyan

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