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Pre-arrival Information for SDU 2019 International Students (Fall Semester, Jinan Campuses)

Dear Class of 2019,

Welcome to Shandong University (SDU). Please read the following information carefully so asto get well prepared for the registration of the 2019 Fall semester.


FromAugust 31stto September 1st(10:00 a.m.– 10p.m.), SDU will arrange to pick you up fromJinan International Airport (airport code: TNA), Jinan West Railway Station, and Jinan Railway Station. SDU volunteers will meet you in the arrival hall with SDU pickup signs and help you to take the university bus. The drop-off location of international students is the International Apartment, Building no. 2, Central Campus.Please follow volunteers to thelobbyon the 1stfloor to get a SIM card or to check in.

If the aforementioned locations and/or timeframe do not cover your arrival route and/or schedule, you should comeby yourself to this address:澳门新葡新京中心校区 留学生公寓2号楼(澳门新葡新京官网登录南路27号)27 Shanda Nanlu, Shandong University (Central Campus), Jinan.

In case of any emergencies, please call182 5310 8925(only reachable from August 28thto September 3rd).


A. On-campus living

1) Accommodationoffice location:

Central Campus: International Apartment Building no. 2, Office 2125

Baotuquan Campus: Residence Hall 400, Housing Office (students of the MBBS program only)

2) Check in:The earliest date of move-in to on-campus housing isAugust 28th.Early arrivers will no t be accommodated.

B. Off-campus housing

International students are allowed to live off- campus. Students who wish to live off-campus should reach out to the Accommodation Office by September 1st to go through necessary paperwork .

Note: according to Chinese laws, within 24 hours of entry, all foreigners must register their residential address at the police station which has jurisdiction over their residential community. Students who live on central campus can report the specific information to the front desk of International Apartment Building No. 2.


A. Complete personal information online

Please log in at and fill in all the required information. Be sure to provide the informationas complete as possible.

Note: if you don’t have a local phone number, please fill in “13800000000” by default. Do remember to update the information online after you get a SIM card .

You can also use the designated computer to complete personal informationfrom August 30thto September 2ndat the 1stFloorLobbyof theInternational Apartment Building No. 2, Central Campus.

B. Fees

1) Office location:

Central Campus: International Apartment Building No. 2, Office 2125 (fees of registration, tuition, accommodation, and insurance)

Baotuquan Campus: Residence Hall 400, Housing Office (accommodation fee only)

2) How to pay

Method A: pay with a China Union-pay card

Method B: bank transfer

· Account Name: Shandong University

· Account Number: 244206255768


· Bank Address: 27 Shanda Nanlu, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong


1) when making a bank transfer, please quote yourfull name, passport number, SDU student ID, fee(s) being transferredas a payment reference. Please also go to the office to confirm the transfer after one week of making the payment.

2) you must pay all necessary fees beforeSeptember 10th. Otherwise, you cannotfinishthe enrollment procedures.

C. Mobile SIM card & Bank card

You can get a SIM card in any official store of China Mobile or in the International Apartment Building No. 2, 1st floor lobby from August 31st to September 1st. Please bring your passport (original and copy) and 100 RMB (cash).

CSC scholarship recipientsmust haveadebit card issued by the Bank of China. Also, after opening a bank account, you’re required toupload the stamped papers   from the bank(i.e. certificationof opening an account) in order to complete your information at .

Self-financedstudents can open a bank account at the bank of their choice.


On September 1st (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.), all students of the class of 2019 are required to gather at the International Apartment Building No. 2, 1st floor lobby (Central Campus) or atthe entrance of the Residence Hall 400, Baotuquan Campus (medical students only). Volunteers will guide you to register at your school/college. Please bring the following documents:

· Admission letter (original and 2 copies)

· Original passport (copies of the information page, the visa page, the entry-stamp page)

· 3 passport-sized photos

· Diploma of your highest degree (original, 1 copy)

· Form of “Visa Application for Study in China” (i.e. JW202/JW201)

· Original Foreigner Physical Examination Form


1) If you are unable to register on time, please ask for permission via emailing advance. When arriving, please go to International Apartment Building No. 2, Office 2125 (Central Campus) or Residence Hall 400, Management Office (Baotuquan Campus) for more information about registration procedures.

2) The deadline of registration isSeptember 15th. Students who have not registered by this time will be regarded as having given up their admission.


Two sessions of orientation (Baotuquan Campus for medical students, Central Campus for non-medical students) will be held respectively on September 16th and 17th. All students of the class of 2019 must attend the orientation. Failing to attend is a serious violation of University regulations.

VI.Residence Permit/Visa

From September 12thto September 30th, group appointments for residence permit/visa will be scheduled with the authorities. Please pay close attention to our website /.

VII.Health Examination

Health examination is mandatory to all newly-enrolled students. Students will be arranged to an examining hospital. Cost of the checkup is 400 RMB. Please pay close attention to our website for any additional information /.

VIII.Contact Info

      Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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