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SDU International Student Undergraduate Preparatory Program Admissions Guide

Preparatory Program overview

This International Student Undergraduate Preparatory Program provides six-month to one-year training for graduated high school students who are interested in embarking on undergraduate studies at SDU. This preparatory program will help students improve their Chinese language abilities as well as their knowledge in fields such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. After the preparatory program international students who have received excellent scores can obtain priority admission to SDU undergraduate programs.

Target audience

This program is aimed at graduated high school students who have good grades and want to study at SDU. Apart from this, students need to fulfill the following requirements:

1. Being in good physical and mental health;

2. Must hold a nationality other than that of the People’s Republic of China.

3. Having graduated from high-school and being able to prove this with transcripts and diploma’s;

4. Comply with Chinese laws and regulations.

Note: Nationality qualifications are subject to Chinese government rules. A student who is under 18 years of age and whose parents do not reside in China must formally entrust a foreign or Chinese resident in China as the student’s guardian in order to provide relevant support.


Registration fee: One time 400 RMB (you pay this after arriving at SDU).

Tuition fee:    22000 RMB/year, 11000 RMB/semester

Insurance fee:   800 RMB/year, 400 RMB/semester

Accommodation fee:  25-55 RMB/day

Aim of the program

This program will increase the student’s Chinese language skills so as to ensure that participants are able to pass the language requirements needed to enroll in a Chinese-taught undergraduate program. In addition to the language training students will gain a general knowledge on a variety of basic subjects. Students who have qualified for undergraduate studies will be able to choose from any undergraduate program taught in the Chinese language as described on xxxxxx.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcome should be to pass an HSK 3 exam (270 points) after half a year or pass a HSK level 4 exam (210 points) after one year. If students pass an HSK level 4 exam they will fulfill the language requirements for enrollment in an undergraduate degree taught in Chinese. The basic subjects will teach general knowledge with the stated outcome of enabling students to have a good starting position when commencing their undergraduate studies. The basic subjects are listed below and all mandatory. These will be given in the second semester of the academic year.






If, after completing the preparatory courses, the student decides to discontinue his/her studies at SDU, he/she can be recommended by Shandong University to continue studying at other Chinese universities.

Methods of assessment

The assessments are done through written exams, presentations and group projects. If the student passes all the exams, he or she will successfully finish the SDU International Student Undergraduate Preparatory Program.

Application for Financial support

Participants of this program are eligible to apply for the Jinan Sister City Scholarship or the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government Scholarship. For further details please see .


1. For the eligibility criteria for being admitted to SDU please look at

2. If an applicant wants to study this program for only one semester (starting in February or March), an official HSK 3 certificate is required with a score of over 180. If an applicant wants to study this program for one academic year (starting in September) no Chinese language proficiency is required.

Required documents

The required documents for application are specified below. Documents in another language than Chinese or English must be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English translation. If application data is incomplete or deemed to be fraudulent the school has the right to deny the application or reject an application. If need be, the university or school will ask the applicant to complement documents or provide additional documentation.

1. Copy of a valid passport

2. A High school diploma or preliminary diploma certificate (certified or notarized)

3. An Academic transcript of all subjects taken during high school

4. Study Plan*

5. Completed Foreigner Physical Examination Form

6. Proof of financial capability**

7. HSK results if applicable

* At a minimum it should contain a brief self-introduction, why you want to study at SDU and what your interests are in the chosen major. If you have more to add that you believe will support your application like experience, publications and / or measurable skills it is allowed to include these in your study plan.

** A bank statement with a balance of at least $10.000.

When and how to apply

Applicants can apply before June 30th or December 30th. In order to apply an applicant needs to apply and submit his or her documents through the online application system in PDF format.

Application steps:

1. Gather required documents

2. Apply on the SDU website at:

3. SDU checks if the online application documents are valid and conform requirements

4. Applicant is accepted or rejected

5. SDU issues an admission letter and a JW202 visa application form and sends these to the address the applicant supplied on the online application system.

6. Applicant takes the admission letter, passport, JW202 form to the embassy, consulate or visa centre and applies for a student visa.

7. After the visa has been issued the applicant can book a plane ticket.


Make sure you regularly check your email and spam box in case we ask for further information / complementary documents and or corrections. If we request information and we do not receive it, it could lead to rejection.

Study Period and Length of Studies

Every year from March to August, one semester. Every year from September to July of the following year, two semesters. Eligible students may join the class midstream.

Contact information (for program-related enquiries and admissions)

Address: Office of Extension, College of International Education,

27 Shanda Nanlu, Shandong University (Central Campus), CIE Comprehensive building, Office 211,

Jinan, P.R. China; Postal code: 250100

Tel: +86-531-88364535

Fax: +86-531-88565623


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