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How to apply as a self-supporting student

Self-supporting students


Explain the different procedures per major if needed (schematic + written)


Fees and how to pay

Self-supporting students

Self-supporting students are students who pay all study costs themselves and do not receive a scholarship. Anybody can apply to be a self-supporting student as long as long his or her financial situation permits it. All applicants who fail to get a scholarship are automatically selected as self-supporting students. Naturally an applicant can always withdraw his or her application at any time.


1. An applicant has to be admitted by Shandong University first before being eligible. The admission requirements can be found:




2. Have an amount of money of ¥100.000 or at least the equivalent in any foreign currency in your bank account

When and how to apply:

Applicants can apply from January 15th till June 15th. Please apply on:

The total process is as follows:

1. The applicant gathers the required documents

2. The applicant applies through the online application system on

3. SDU checks if the documents are valid and conform requirements

4. SDU accepts or rejects the applicant

5. SDU sends E-offer / pre-admission letter to the applicant

6. Applicant sends a bank statement that proves an amount of money of ¥100.000 or at least the equivalent in any foreign currency in his or her bank account.

7. SDU sends the admission letter + JW202 visa application form through post to the address supplied by the applicant through the online application system.

8. Applicant takes the admission letter, passport, JW202 form to the embassy, consulate or visa centre and applies for a student visa.

9. The applicant books a plane ticket and arrives in China

10. The applicant registers and pays the total amount of fees (tuition, accommodation and insurance)


Make sure you regularly check your email and spam box in case we ask for further information / complementary documents and or corrections. If we request information and we do not receive it, it could lead to rejection. Do not send emails to multiple email addresses without just cause or we will not reply or process them.

In a diagram the total process is as follows:

Publication of the result:

You will be notified by email. All decisions are final and cannot be appealed.  


In case you have any questions about the above you can send us an email at for people with a Gmail account please email to Please do not send emails to multiple email accounts without just cause. If you do so we will ignore your message. Please keep in mind that we are extremely busy during application time but if the answer is not stated here, we will naturally do our best to help you with any questions.

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