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Application procedures type A scholarships

When you want a type A scholarship, you need to apply through a dispatching authority. A dispatching authority can be an embassy or consulate, an organization selected by the embassy, or a regional secretariat. In most cases it’s an embassy or consulate. For more information on the relevant dispatching authority please look on the website of the Chinese embassy or Ministry of Education in the country you wish to apply from. When you have chosen a type A scholarship that you wish to apply for it is advisable to look on for the specific requirements and documents which need to be sent. Below a basic outline will be given in text and through a diagram. Please note this information is given as a reference only to give applicants a basic understanding of the procedure. No rights can be derived on the basis of the given information.

Application steps

1. Apply on the China Scholarship Council (CSC) website (

2. Gather required documents (Please visit for an overview of the documents required to apply for the scholarship of your choice).

3. Send an email to to request a pre-admission letter and also mention which scholarship program you are applying for.

4. Then apply for the pre-admission letter from Shandong University (SDU) on  

5. Submit the documents, including the pre-admission letter to the dispatching authority

6. Dispatching authority sends the documents to the CSC.

7. CSC sends the documents to SDU.

8. SDU reviews the documents and when the student has been accepted SDU will issue a formal admission letter and a JW201 visa application form and send these to the CSC.

9. Students wait for confirmation by the CSC whether the scholarship has been awarded. SDU does not issue this confirmation and cannot answer questions with regard to the awarding of the scholarship.

10. When the scholarship has been awarded, the applicant takes the formal admission letter, passport and JW201 form to the embassy, consulate or visa centre to apply for a student visa.

11. After the visa has been issued the applicant can make arrangements for the journey to China.


Make sure you regularly check your email and spam box in case we ask for further information / complementary documents and or corrections. If we request information and we do not receive it, it could lead to rejection.

Publication of the result

You will be notified by email of the results as soon as we have been informed by the CSC. We do not know when the CSC will publish the results as this changes year by year. All decisions are final and cannot be appealed.  


In case you have any question about the above you can send us an email at for people with a Gmail account please email to Please do not send emails to multiple email accounts without just cause. If you do so we will ignore your message. Please keep in mind that we are extremely busy during application time and if the answer is not stated here, we will naturally do our best to help you with any questions.

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