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Introduction to the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government Scholarship

The Qingdao Municipal People’s Government has set up this scholarship in order to promote Qingdao as a destination for international students to study and conduct research. This scholarship is a not a full scholarship which means that a significant part of the costs will have to be paid for by the student. The student is required to pay all the fees (accommodation, tuition and insurance) at the beginning of September. Then the scholarship will most likely be given to the student before the end of the year. It is a one-time grant.  


1. An applicant has to be admitted by Shandong University first before being eligible for this scholarship. The admission requirements can be found:/English/Application_Information.htm.

2. An applicant must have a nationality other than that of the People’s Republic of China

3. An applicant should respect and obey the laws and decrees of the People’s Republic of China and accept the conditions of admission set out by Shandong University

4. Applicants who apply for a Bachelor degree study must have at least a high school diploma. Applicants who apply for a Master degree must have at least a Bachelor degree. Applicants who apply for a Ph.D. must have at least a Master degree.

5. An applicant should not be receiving other scholarships from the Chinese government or the China Scholarship Council at the same time

6. For applicants who are now in the long degree program the duration of study should be at least two semesters.

The scholarship

The Qingdao Municipal People’s Government Scholarship offers a yearly grant consisting of a one-time fixed amount. The amount depends on the program or degree type.

It is possible to reapply the next academic year depending on the program or degree type. Granting of the application will mainly depend on academic results.

When and how to apply

Applicants can apply from February till June. In order to apply we need to receive the following documents:

1. Fill in the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government scholarship form that can be downloaded here Qingdao Municipal Government Scholarship Application (For Freshman).docx.

2. The other documents you need to send are listed in the admission requirements of Shandong University.

3. Send all the necessary documents by post to: Shandong University, 27 Shanda Nanlu, Jinan, P.R. China, Postcode 250100.

The total process is as follows:

1. The applicant fills in the application form and sends it together with the other required documents to the address stated above.

2. The applicant applies through the online application system on  

3. SDU reviews the application

4. SDU sends the awardees of the scholarship a confirmation email and sends a formal admission letter + JW202 visa application form to the applicant.

5. The applicant takes the admission letter, passport, JW202 form to the embassy, consulate or visa centre and applies for a student visa.

6. The applicant books a plane ticket and arrives in China

7. The applicant pays the total amount of the fees (tuition, accommodation and insurance)

8. SDU requests the government to grant the scholarship

9. The student will most likely receive the total scholarship amount before the end of the year.


Make sure you regularly check your email and spam box in case we ask for further information / complementary documents and/or corrections. If we request information and we do not receive it, it could lead to rejection.


In case you have any questions about the above you can send us an email at for people with a Gmail account please email to Please do not send emails to multiple email accounts without just cause. If you do so we will ignore your message. Please keep in mind that we are extremely busy during application time but if the answer to your question is not stated here, we will naturally do our best to help you with any questions.

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